Dam och femhundra

There are many different types of games called ladies, including card games. The card game lady can play with anything from two to eight participants, around four may be the absolute best number of participants. To play women, you need a complete 52-card card game, and the game begins with each participant getting six cards each. All cards that are not handed out are placed in a stack on the front face down.

It is the person to the left of the one who has to start by placing the first card or several cards at the same time if you have more cards of the same color. You have to pick up just as many cards from the pile as you put on the table, so there will always be six cards on your hand. The player who sits to the left of the one who started should try to put a higher card than the one left, but it must be in the same color. Should a player not be able to add this, it may add a lower card or in a completely different color.

The cards that he managed to cross over are then left on the table, and everyone else is raised in the hand. If the person succeeds in placing a higher card in the same color, then he will put the card to the next stick, but if he / she does not succeed, then the person is left to do it. Then hold on until they no longer have cards left in the pile of the table.

Players will now put their cards in hand so that it is impossible for opponents to see how many cards each player has. It is true that if a player puts more cards than the next player has in his hand, it automatically gets all the next player’s card. When you get rid of your cards, you’re safe, and it’s the last player with his cards losing.

Five hundred

Five hundred are a very simple type of card game, and all you need to do is play two to five participants and a 52-card deck. The game begins with each participant getting six cards in his hand and the remaining cards are placed in a pile on the table. The person who handed out then turns on the top card in the pile and puts it face up. Players then choose to either draw a card from the pile of the table or pick up all cards made by the players during the game.

If someone chooses to raise the whole pile, he must place at least three new cards on the table to avoid being punished. If you do not add three new cards, you will lose 100 points, which makes a big difference in the game. A player finishes his time by placing a card on the pile where they use the cards and cover the card underneath. During the game, players can not watch what lies in the pile. You can put cards on the table when it’s your own trip if you collect several cards of the same value, for example three fives or a ladder with at least three cards in the same color.

If you have placed at least three cards on the table, you can also place cards on other players’ series. For example, if an opponent puts five, six and seven in hearts, another player can put eight in the same color. No other player except the person who left the eve can then add a card to this series, because this one added two cards to. Should a player get rid of all his cards then the round is over. Then all points are scored and the person who first reaches 500 points wins the game.

The different values ​​of the cards

  • All cards between 2 and 9 are worth five points
  • Ace is can either be worth five or 25 points. Adding the ace as a one is worth five points, and puts it as 14, it’s worth 25.
  • Ten, Jack, Lady and King are all worth 10 points.