Rummy och Remi


In the game Rummy, two to six participants can play at the same time. You need a 52-card card with aces counting as the lowest. If you play with two players, each player must have 10 cards, if three or four players are seven cards everyone should have and if more than four, each player will be awarded six cards. One of the cards is put face up, while the others are hidden. The person sitting to the left of the person who handed out the cards may start by taking a card. Either the person may pick up the card that is open or choose the top of the hidden cards. The person will then put down a card face up as everyone can see.

Then the next player will do the same thing and the cards that are laid down should be placed to cover each other. If the cards in the card game end, you mix all the cards and make a new one. When any of the participants have taken up a card but did not put it down, then one must put their combinations on the table. You can also choose to add only single cards if they can help fill in previous sequences. The combinations that can be added to Rummy are trisses and quads, but also short in sequence that are in ascending order in the same color.

There must be at least three cards in a row for it to count. You may want to add multiple combinations at the same time. The game continues then until someone drops his last card. The player who places this card has won and then the remaining participants will not be allowed to add more cards. Those who lose will get ten minus points for each card they have left with a picture (King, Cracked, Lady). For aces you get a minus score, minus two for a second and so on. The winner will receive plus points in the same way. After that, one starts a new round and wins makes the person who reaches 500 points first.


Remi is a kind of variation of the game Rummy. It is considered by many to be a little more complicated than Rummy as there are some limitations to adapt. Each participating player will receive seven cards each and the remaining cards will be placed in the center of the table. A card will then be opened and placed next to, where the cards the players then lose will end. The person sitting to the left of the person who handed out the cards may start by taking a card from the heap or choosing to take the open card next to it. Just like in Rummy, it’s up to creating different combinations, but here the cards in the series must either be dressed or not. You can not make a combination of both dressed cards and unclothed, but it must only be of a black.

You can also collect a set of three or four cards of the same value. Once you have managed to create a combination, it is placed on the table so that the others see it. The other participants may not use these cards in their series. The game continues then until a player finishes his cards. Then, just as in Rummy, you count the score and add the value of the card you have left and then take all these points minus the series on the table. In Remi, Ace is worth 15 and not one as in Rummy. All dressed cards are also worth 10 here and all other cards are worth five points, regardless of the number. You have played clearly after twelve rounds and the person who has the highest score wins. So it’s not until 500 in Remi as it’s in Rummy.